Our Brand

Our Brand

New Airport Identity

About the new identity

O Floripa Airport is a company of Zurich Airport, a group with international experience in airport management. But we don't want to be just the representatives of an outside company in Florianópolis. We want to be a company that represents Florianópolis abroad.

Therefore, our goal is to be the most Floripa possible. In the kind and human way that this city receives its visitors and in that fluid and smooth way that attracts so many people here. We want to have the face of Floripa so that people can see this city whenever they look at us. And for them to feel a little of that emotion that everyone feels when they see Florianópolis for the first time.

Inspired by the people here, the unique and unmistakable scenery of the place, and the affectionate way that everyone calls this city, we created our name and our logo.

We are Florianópolis International Airport. But you can call us Floripa Airports.