Airport for All

Airport for All

A pioneering inclusion program at airports in Brazil

O Airport for All is a pioneering inclusion program at airports in Brazil. Zurich Airport Brasil's unprecedented initiative consists of a series of actions whose purpose is to expand the inclusion and experience of people with disabilities in airport terminals.

Aligned with the ESG evolution and with the UN's global goals for social development, the concessionaire combined practices, technologies and the construction of new spaces at airports in Florianópolis and Vitoria, inspired by the best world standards.

The set of actions involved training and qualification of teams for communication in Libras, acquisition of guide robots to help in the movement of the blind and opening of multisensory rooms - where soft lighting, varied stimuli in a silent environment provide comfort to autistic and sensitive people to the busiest flow of departure lounges. A bathroom for pets was also created, thinking about those who travel with their animals.

Inspired by the best international practices, Aeroportos para Todos covers four essential areas: management, communication, innovation and physical spaces. The program will have continuous improvement and permanent focus on improving the experience of passengers who frequent the airports managed by Zurich Airport Brasil.

Where is the Multisensory Room located?
The Multisensory Room is located in the Domestic Departures area.

How to access and use the room?
All passengers boarding have access to the lounge. You can express your wish to the check-in or boarding agent and they will open the door. 

Do you want to use the lanyard with the autism symbol and take even more special care throughout the journey? 
Just ask at the information desk or check-in counter.

Where is the Pet Bathroom?
The Pet Restroom is located in the Domestic Departures area.

How to access and use the pet bathroom?
Just open the door and use this space, which is a relief for you and your pet friend. 

How to request the help of a robot guide?
Just ask at the information desk and our team will be happy to assist you.