About Florianopolis

About Florianopolis

Historically, Santa Catarina stands out in terms of technology, production, and foreign trade, as it has a better performance than the Brazilian average.

Among the 27 Federative Units in Brazil, Santa Catarina is the 11th in population and 6th with the highest income.

Florianópolis, capital of the State of Santa Catarina, also known as "Magic Island". It is located on the coast of Santa Catarina, it has a humid subtropical climate, which is characterized by the alternation of summers and winters, and an abundant annual distribution of rainfall. This, together with its 42 beaches, contributed to it becoming the tourist capital of mercosur, as it has an intense tourist movement throughout the summer, mainly with Argentines, gauchos and paulistas.

Florianópolis is one of the three island capitals of Brazil. It has increasingly established itself as a tourist center, thanks to the beaches (Jurerê, Canasvieiras, Ingleses, Armação, and others) that circle the island and the beauty of Lagoa da Conceição, 13 km away from the center. In the surroundings of the lagoon, the bobbin lace, of Azorean tradition, is characteristic.

General information:

Population 2021: 516.524 people

Area of ​​the territorial unit: 674,844 km²

GDP per capita: BRL 43.842,54