Zurich Airport Brasil tests flight status message service via WhatsApp

Zurich Airport Brasil tests flight status message service via WhatsApp

05 set 2022

Zurich Airport Brasil, the company that manages the airports of Florianópolis, Vitória and Macaé, started a service to send flight information to passengers, through the whatsapp application.

The initiative works, for now, in a test format at Florianópolis International Airport and can be used by all passengers who are in the terminal. Access is simple and intuitive. Passengers must scan a QR Code, available at various points in the airport, such as on TV monitor screens and at tables and rest areas. When scanning, the visitor accesses the airport's flight panel and chooses which flight they would like to receive information about.

Then, enter your name and phone number. From there, you will receive the message whenever the status changes: upcoming boarding, immediate boarding, last call and also the departure gate of the flight.

“The passenger won't have to worry about looking for the gate or listening to the audible call. He will receive the information in the palm of his hand. This is yet another initiative by the Innovation Center at our airports”, explains Fábio Marques, Operations Director at the concessionaire. 

 Florianópolis International Airport is the first in the country to have an Innovation Laboratory, opened last year. 

 “We have a strict focus on providing quality to those who visit us. We want to show passengers that airports are pleasant places to be, where you can connect with the magic of aviation. This is yet another way to relax situations that cause stress and provide a pleasant experience” observes Ricardo Gesse, CEO of Zurich Airport Brasil. 

 After the testing phase, the concessionaire plans to launch the system also at Vitória Airport, currently the third best in the country. Florianópolis Airport, opened by Zurich Airport Brasil in 2019, is the best in Brazil, elected in the last two years by the Passenger Satisfaction Survey, carried out by the Federal Government.