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THE CONCESSIONAIRE OF FLORIANÓPOLIS INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT SA, informs that from dia 01 de outubro de 2023 os valores das Tarifas de Embarque, Conexão, Pouso, Permanência, Armazenagem e Capatazia set out in Annex 4 of the Concession Agreement n.002/ANAC/2017, of Florianópolis International Airport - Hercílio Luz, located in Florianópolis (SC), will be readjusted, conforme Portaria N° 12.171, de 16 de agosto de 2023, da Agência Nacional de Aviação Civil – ANAC, publicada no Diário Oficial da União no dia 31 de agosto de 2023.


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FLN Pricing Policy

Group I Aircraft Pricing Policy

Group II Aircraft Pricing Policy

Fare TypeDomesticInternational
Boarding Fee48,4085,72
Fare TypeDomesticInternational
Connection Fee14,8114,81
Fare TypeDomesticInternational
Landing Fare15,157640,4091
Fare TypeDomesticInternational
TUV (TON)56,32180,08
Fare TypeDomesticInternational
Maneuver Yard (TPM)2,98968,0527
Patio of Stay (TPE)0,64041,6473

*full hour

Maneuver Yard corresponds to the following positions:

PATIO 1 - (Group I)

Main Courtyard - Positions 1R, 1L 2, 3R, 3L, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 20, 21, 22, 23 and 24;
PATIO 1 - (Group II)
Main Courtyard - Positions 1R, 20, 21, 22, 23 and 24;
PATIO 2 - (Group I)

Positions 35, 36 and 39;
PATIO 3 - (Group I)

Positions 30, 32, 33, 34R and 34L;

The following positions are considered Areas of Stay:

PATIO 3 - (Group II)

Overnight Patio - Positions PER1, PER2, PER3, PER4, PER5, PER6, PER7, PER8, PER9, FAX1 and FAX2;
PATIO 4 - (Group II)

Auxiliary Patio - Positions AUX1, AUX2, AUX3, AUX4, AUX5, AUX6, AUX7, AUX8, AUX9, AUX10, AUX11 and AUX12;

Fare TypeDomesticInternational
Maneuver Yard -TPMF (hour)41,031759,2062
Maneuver Yard -TPMV (ton-hour)1,82495,5046
Courtyard of Stay - TPEF (hour)2,70883,8983
Courtyard of Stay - TPEV (ton-hour)0,40181,3791
Storage PeriodsPercentage of the CIF value;
1st - Up to 02 business days0,75%  
2nd - From 3 to 5 business days1,50%  
3nd - From 6 to 10 business days2,25%
4nd - From 11 to 20 business days4,50%  
For every 10 working days or fraction, beyond the 4th period, until the goods are picked up+ 2,25 %

From the 4th (fourth) period, the percentages are cumulative;
This Table is applied cumulatively with Table 7.

Verified Gross Weight ValueBRL 0,0796 per kilogram

This table is applied cumulatively with Table 6;

The airport tariff for the foreman will be charged only once;

Cobrança mínima:: R$19,17 (dezenove reais e dezessete centavos)

Storage PeriodAbout gross weight
1st - Up to 4 working days*R$ 0,2127
2nd - For every 2 business days or fraction, beyond the 1st period, until the goods are picked up+ BRL 0,2127

*Storage period

A tarifa mínima a ser cobrada será correspondente a R$19,17 (dezenove reais e dezessete centavos).


Verified gross weight valueR$ 1,3298

1. Cobrança mínima: R$95,96 (noventa e cinco reais e noventa e seis centavos);
2. This table applies to cargo with a maximum stay of 24 (twenty-four) hours in the
3. Exceeded the period of 24 (twenty-four) hours, after the entry of the cargo in TECA,
Tables 6 and 7 or Table 10 of this Annex shall be applied.

Storage PeriodsRange (R$)Percentage of CIF Value
3 business days or fraction thereof, from the date of receipt at TECAFrom 5.000,00 to 19.999,99/kg0,60%
3 business days or fraction thereof, from the date of receipt at TECAFrom 20.000,00 to 79.999,99/kg0,30%
3 business days or fraction thereof, from the date of receipt at TECAAbove 80.000,00/kg0,15%  

1. The CIF value per kilogram is based on the net weight of the cargo.

Storage PeriodValue over gross weight
Storage Periods - 1st - Up to 4 business daysR$ 0,1065
Storage Periods - 2nd - For every 2 business days or fractionR$ 0,1065

1. Tarifa mínima de R$7,69 (sete reais e sessenta e nove centavos) no TECA de origem e R$3,84 (três reais e oitenta e quatro centavos) no TECA de trânsito
2. The amounts are cumulative from the 2nd period;
3. Reduction of 50% (fifty percent) in cases of return of perishable cargo to the
TECA, resulting from delay or cancellation of scheduled air transport.

Storage Period - 1st Up to 45 days1,50% (on the FOB value)
Storage Period - 2nd From more than 45 days to 90 days3,00% (on the FOB value)
Storage Period - 3nd From more than 90 days to 120 days4,50% (on the FOB value)
Storage Period - 4th Of more than 120 days7,50% (on the FOB value))