Work of Art Contest

Work of Art Contest

Based on Section V of Municipal Complementary Law 482/2014, the Municipality of Florianópolis, through the Institute of Research and Urban Planning and the Municipal Public Art Commission - COMAP, makes public the present competition for a work of art for the International Airport from Florianopolis.

The work of art must be permanent and will be created specifically for the environment in which it will be installed, taking into account the unique context of that space, which ends up being part of the work, not being able to be transported to other places without losing part of its originality. sense.

The Contest aims to provide free public access to art and culture in the social environment of the International Airport of Florianópolis, meeting the objectives of the Municipal Public Art Policy, expanding the municipal collection of public art, stimulating the implementation of works in large-scale and highly visible undertakings with intense public use, as provided for in LCM 482/2014, to stimulate the production of art, valuing artistic-cultural contributions on the national and international scene and establish a landmark in the urban and natural landscape within the scope of the International Airport from Florianopolis.

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