Boulevard 14/32

Boulevard 14/32

Come enjoy Boulevard 14/32


Boulevard 14/32 is a large square for entertainment, leisure and shopping in front of the entrance to the new terminal in Florianópolis. The 11 thousand square meter space has become a leisure option in Florianópolis, with indoor environments as well as open areas, a weekly calendar of events and a wide range of gastronomic options, in addition to services such as a supermarket, barber shop, Detran and IGP (see on the map below all establishments on Boulevard 14/32).

Access to Boulevard 14/32 is free and open to the public, regardless of whether the visitor is an airport passenger. Boulevard 14/32 is the first large airport event plaza in Brazil, and the name refers to the headlands of the main runway at airports 14 and 32.


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  • Burger King
  • brewery Unika
  • Starbucks
  • Cold
  • Coffee Train
  • Living HNK
  • Field to Cup


  • Beagle
  • customix
  • Ilhéu Derangement
  • mormaii
  • Ciranda Cultural Bookstore


  • VIP Barbershop
  • Beto Carrero
  • Imperatriz
  • Protect Bag
  • Quotation - Exchange
  • 24 hour bank
  • DMV SC
  • Scientific Police
  • Malex - Luggage storage 
  • Santa and Bella - receptive