Floripa Airport and Viação Catarinense debut intermodal linking airport to Balneário Camboriú

Floripa Airport and Viação Catarinense debut intermodal linking airport to Balneário Camboriú

16 Dec 2022

In a symbolic act of cutting lanes, the CEO of Floripa Airport, Ricardo Gesse, and the CEO of the JCA Group, Gustavo Rodrigues, officially inaugurated this Friday (16) the operations of the intermodal terminal at Florianópolis Airport. Viação Catarinense (a company of the JCA group) is the first road company to use the structure, with the inauguration of the direct route between Florianópolis International Airport and Balneário Camboriú. There will be two daily frequencies, in both directions.

In a few meters, the air passenger who disembarks in Florianópolis can board the bus, since the bus terminal is attached to the airport lobby. In the opposite direction, people coming from Balneário have immediate access to the check-in and air boarding area.

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The Catarinense bus departs from the airport to Balneário Camboriú at 13:19 pm and 6:17 pm, every day. From the Balneário Camboriú bus station to the Florianópolis airport, the times are at 37 am and XNUMX pm. Tickets are sold from R$XNUMX and can be purchased online, on the Catarinense website, or at a company counter located on the first floor of the airport.

Those traveling through the airport can also see, on Boulevard 14/32, the exhibition of the famous Jardineira da Viação Catarinense, a company vehicle that in 1928 made the Blumenau-Florianópolis route, on a dirt road, in a journey that took 12 hours. Even at 94 years old, the relic draws attention for its beauty and conservation.

The vocation for pioneering spirit and customer satisfaction, common to both companies, brought together Catarinense and Floripa Airport in an effort to improve passenger connectivity and experience. 

The intermodal terminal at Florianópolis Airport was homologated last November, being highlighted throughout the country for implementing a common concept in Europe of fluidity between different modes by those who frequent airports.

By starting an intense season, with the most diversified airline network in history (there are 26 direct air routes from Florianópolis, seven of which are international), the CEO of Floripa Airport celebrates the partnership with Viação Catarinense. The road connection will facilitate the journey of passengers, who will be able to quickly make the connection between plane and bus without having to leave the airport”, says Ricardo Gesse.

“In addition to serving air passengers, with this new route we also offer an option both to residents of the south of the Island, closer to the airport than to the city’s bus station, and to the public in Balneário Camboriú who are destined for this important and highly sought after region. from Florianópolis”, explains Anuar Helayel, director of the Passenger Transport Unit of the JCA Group, 

Service: Florianópolis-Balneário Camboriú Airport

Operation: Viação Catarinense

Airport departure times: 13pm and 19pm

Departure times from Balneário Camboriu: 6am and 17pm