Florianópolis International Airport is elected the best in the country, for the third consecutive year

Florianópolis International Airport is elected the best in the country, for the third consecutive year

April 18, 2023

The Federal Government released today the ranking of the General Satisfaction Survey of Passengers with the 20 largest airports in the country. Florianópolis International Airport – Hercílio Luz was elected for the third consecutive time the best airport in the country, in the most important award in the sector in Brazil, promoted by the National Secretariat of Civil Aviation (SAC), through the Ministry of Infrastructure (MInfra). The terminal in the capital of Santa Catarina obtained the highest average overall satisfaction of passengers, regardless of category, among the 20 largest airports surveyed throughout the year 2022. Florianópolis achieved a score of 4,78, on a scale ranging from 1 to 5.

The “Aviação + Brasil 2023” award ceremony took place this Tuesday (18), in Brasília, and recognized the airports that stood out in the quality of services provided to passengers. In all, 90 users were interviewed. In 2020 and 2021, the airport was also chosen as the best in Brazil in the evaluation of passengers.

The cleanliness of the terminal was highlighted in the evaluation of passengers in Florianópolis, with a score of 4,9, on a scale that goes up to 5. Other points that contributed significantly to the conquest of first place by Florianópolis Airport are the security inspection process with a score of 4,83 and passenger satisfaction with the comfort of the departure lounge with a score of 4,73.

In second place in the ranking is Vitória Airport, also managed by Zurich Airport Brasil, with a score of 4,67. In 2021, Espírito Santo airport ranked third, with a score of 4,59. Vitória Airport also received the most punctual airport award in the category of up to 5 million passengers.

“Our commitment to excellence is present in the details of the entire operation. Receiving this recognition for the third consecutive year in Florianópolis and having Vitória at the top of the ranking are evidence of the consistency of the work of our entire team, focused on delivering the best experience to our passengers”, says Ricardo Gesse, CEO of Zurich Airport Brasil, who accompanied the award in Brasilia and received the trophies in Florianópolis and Vitória. Florianópolis received 2 trophies: Best Airport in Brazil and best airport in the category of up to 5 million passengers.

Respondents evaluated 17 items of infrastructure, service and services, which involve the passenger experience and encompass airport processes, such as security inspection and services such as Wi-Fi, cleaning, thermal comfort, availability of outlets and audible warnings to passengers.

Since Zurich Airport Brasil took over management of the Florianópolis airport, the terminal has evolved rapidly in the overall passenger satisfaction ranking. In 2018, the year in which the Swiss group started to manage the Santa Catarina terminal, the airport occupied the last place on the list. In 2019, before the inauguration of the new terminal, Florianópolis received the “Highlight” award among the 20 airports, for being the airport that evolved the most in the ranking and also the award for “Best Services Provided to Passengers”.